• *The conditions request by Sri Lanka regulation, which can used in all of our products.*

    15kg Price computing  scale Patton Approval Condition For Sri  Lanka 1) ZERO KEY RANGE (MANUAL ZERO RANGE +AND – 3% OF MAX    CAPACITY)     15kg x  5g EXAMPLE: + 3% (Positive Side) 1. Power on the scale 2. Scale comes to zero (0.000) weight Display 3. Then you put the 450g on the plate 4. Display...
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  • New Product

    Please look forward to our new product in June.    
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  • The history of weighing apparatus

    The history of weighing apparatus

    According to historical records, it has been more than 4,000 years since the end of the primitive society. At that time, there was an exchange of goods, but the measurement method was based on seeing and touching.As a measuring instrument, it first appeared in China in the Xia Dynasty.The princip...
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